April 13, 2023

Assistance to Lebanese Red Cross’ Faculty of Nursing Sciences in Baabda

Under its workforce development component, USAID’s Community Support Program is providing the Lebanese Red Cross’ Faculty of Nursing Sciences in Baabda with in-kind assistance which includes a hydraulic wheelchair lift for disabled access, desktops, an LCD projector, a standalone UPS, and classroom paintworks. After delivering and installing the hydraulic wheelchair lift in January 2023, this week, CSP’s selected supplier completed the installation of the standalone UPS module capable of providing a backup electricity during outages for up to a full hour on maximum load. As the country continues to endure lengthy power outages and limited access to state electricity, this UPS will enable the faculty to cut its generator costs while improving its capacity to ensure the smooth delivery of its courses.

So far, the LRC Faculty of Nursing Sciences has hosted two cohorts of HHC vocational training courses which have benefitted a total of 34 JET scholarship recipients.

“The equipment being provided by USAID/CSP is improving the faculty’s entire educational process, especially in terms of providing adequate resources to allow students to practice what they have learned in a stable learning environment,” stated Linda Wehbe, Dean’s Executive Assistant at LRC Nursing Faculty in Baabda.




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