USAID Volunteers in Beirut


What Do People Say About CSP

“We don’t have to worry about paper loss or archiving anymore. USAID/CSP’s system enhanced the transparency of our finances by allowing the members to share, access, and compare data with just a few clicks.”

Supporting Olive Farmers
Akroum, North Lebanon
Ali Esber
Head of Cooperative Association for Production and Processing of Olives

“We are proud of being part of the USAID-Funded Wastewater Treatment Plant in Aitanit and its long-awaited positive impact on public health and the environment. This town hall meeting was an opportunity to sustain cooperation between the villages.”

USAID-Funded Wastewater Treatment Plant
Yahya Daher
Head of the Al Bouhaira Municipal Union

“The training provided by USAID/CSP is contributing to us challenging long-standing gender biases by gaining people’s trust and becoming effective members of the team.”

Training on Firefighting Techniques and Safety
Jurd el Qaitea, North Lebanon
Shadia Mohammed
Volunteer in the First Responders’ Team

“We thank USAID/CSP for the trainings they have conducted for us because it helped us improve our products and create innovative ideas with the tools and knowledge they provided us.”

Supporting Women Cooperatives for Agricultural Products
Jdeidet Al-Qaitaa, Akkar
Sanaa Omar
President of the Women's Productive Cooperative of Jdeidet Al-Qaitaa

“Compared to last year, our sales of olive oil doubled and even tripled thanks to the trainings on social media, excel and maintenance of equipment which we received from USAID/CSP.”

Supporting Local Farmers and Agricultural Cooperatives
Saidoun, South Lebanon
Charbel Khawand
Head of Saidoun Agricultural COOP

“Our participation in USAID/CSP’s training sessions with the municipality to enhance tourism reinforced our sense of belonging to the village and strengthened our ability to sustainably improve local livelihoods.”

Technical Support for Economic Integration and Cultural Events
Ain Ebel, South Lebanon
Bashir Diab
President of AWFA

“I learned to operate and maintain the generator myself instead of having to call an engineer or technician.”

Supporting Olive Farmers
Akroum, North Lebanon
Khaled Abdallah
Member of Cooperative Association for Production and Processing of Olives

“USAID/CSP’s training enabled us to learn new techniques that will allow us to increase our cherry production and become market competitors during these difficult times.”

Improving Agricultural Production Methods for Ainata El Arz Farmers
Ainata El Arz, North Lebanon
Michelle Rahme
Head of Ainata COOP and Ainata Municipality

“The training material exceeded my expectations and I really enjoyed being part of these workshops. We are now looking forward to developing and implementing the awareness plan.”

Sorting at Source Community Awareness and Communication Plan Workshop
Amioun, North Lebanon
Simon Nasr
A Volunteer From Qalhat Village

“We learned new methods to improve the efficiency of the solar panels and reduce their maintenance’s cost.”

Technical Assistance to Sustain Solar Systems in Majdel Aanjar
Majdel Aanjar, Beqaa
Hassan Yassin
EDL Station Officer for West and Central Beqaa

“The electric pressure cleaner was much needed to help us unclog and clean the pipes. The training USAID/CSP provided showed us how to properly use and maintain it in order to ensure the durability and effectiveness.”

Improving Operational Capacity to Cleaning Rainwater Collection System
Kfar Yachit, North Lebanon
Rene El Hundi
Member of the Kfar Yachit Municipal council

“USAID/CSP’s training made us more aware of the safety measures we need to take while handling recyclable waste.”

Training to Recyclables Waste Management Community of Practice
Amioun, North Lebanon
Dalal Dakkoum
Employee at the Amioun MRF

We’ve never learned about the safe operation of the single-stage pump or the chlorination system before. Thanks to USAID/CSP, we now feel more confident with how to use the system safely.”

Technical Assistance to Enhance Access to Electricity
Hasbaiya, South Lebanon
Wassim El Hamra
Hasbaiya Water Pump Station Employee


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