February 24, 2023

CSP Completes its Technical Assistance to Improve Farmers’ Livelihoods in Aachach and Arde Villages

Aachach, Meriata, and Arde are three neighboring villages in North Lebanon, known for their cultivation of oranges, grapes, and summer vegetables, which represents an important source of income for much of the local population. The villages rely on a common irrigation canal constructed in the 1960s, fed by a single water source in Aachach. As a result of poorly reinforced concrete, the canal collapsed, thus negatively and severely impacting farmers’ livelihoods. In response, USAID’s Community Support Program (CSP) rehabilitated around 450 meters of the irrigation canal and constructed a semi-automated water distribution unit with gates to enable equitable water distribution among the villages.

To ensure the sustainability of this assistance intervention, CSP worked with the municipalities of Aachach and Arde to develop a participatory periodic safe cleaning and check-up schedule for the irrigation canals. Recently, CSP completed its training to six members from Aachach and Arde municipalities on the implementation of the irrigation canal cleaning plan. To ensure the safe implementation of operations and maintenance of the canal, CSP will also provide the municipalities with safety equipment.

“The training and documented cleaning plan will facilitate coordination between the two municipalities and clarify the roles and tasks of each member. We feel more confident and encouraged to work using the safety equipment which will provided by USAID/CSP,” stated Simon Kamel, foreman at Arde municipality.



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