December 27, 2022

CSP Completes Sewage Lines to Enhance Wastewater Treatment for Over 10,000 Residents in Batroun (North)

Batroun is a coastal town in North Lebanon with around 33,000 residents and 2,500 refugees. The existing sewage network only covers about 70% of households and, amidst the ongoing socio-economic crisis, the municipality lacks the funds to connect the remaining 30%. The resulting environmental and health hazards are affecting local tourism and fueling growing intercommunal tensions. In response, USAID’s Community Support Program (CSP) completed the construction and pipelaying of 1,420 linear kilometers of sewer networks to connect 126 households from three underserved neighborhoods in Batroun to the main sewage line. By December 2022, CSP had completed all works under the scope of the activity. This intervention would eliminate the flooded wastewater, reduce the risk of contaminated underground water, and reduce tensions among 10,760 residents living in the targeted neighborhoods of Batroun.

“With the support of USAID, we are able to connect these highly residential areas to the sewage network and reach our objective of preserving our beautiful city and keeping it clean,” stated Marcelino Herek, Mayor of Batroun Municipality.



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