February 21, 2023

CSP Completes the Construction of an Elevated Water Tank to Enhance Water Provision for 4,500 Residents in Talia

The village of Talia in the Beqaa Valley has been experiencing severe water shortages, forcing around 2,500 Lebanese residents and 2,000 refugees to purchase trucked in water on a weekly basis – an increasing burden amidst the ongoing economic crisis which has caused growing intercommunal tensions. With diminished resources during the nationwide economic crisis, both the municipality and the Beqaa Water Establishment (BWE) lack the funds to upgrade Talia’s water infrastructure. In response, USAID’s Community Support Program (CSP) constructed a 300m³ elevated water tank, along with associated electro-mechanical and chlorination systems, to enhance residents’ access to household water. By mid-February 2023, CSP had substantially completed the new water system, and it is now pumping clean water to the entire community. This intervention is enhancing water provision to around 4,500 residents, while also reducing the cost of trucked in water by around LBP 2,000,000 per week for each household.

“This well-planned assistance by USAID/CSP is restoring access to water to all households in Talia,” stated Mr. Philip Abou Haidar, Deputy Mayor of Talia municipality.



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