September 6, 2022

CSP Completes the Installation of Solar Panels to Enhance Community Electricity in Hasbaiya, South Lebanon

Hasbaiya is home to around 8,000 Lebanese residents and over 700 refugees. Amidst the country’s ongoing energy crisis, the town has been grappling with lengthy power-outages, forcing the municipality to rely on eleven backup generators for the supply of electricity. With the devaluation of the national currency, however, their operation and maintenance has strained the municipal budget and become an increasingly unaffordable burden on local households. These inadequate public services and consequent degradation of living conditions have resulted in rising intercommunal tensions within Hasbaiya. In response, by early September 2022, USAID’s Community Support Program (CSP) had completed the installation of solar photovoltaic modules and an advanced control system to hybridize the town’s backup electricity infrastructure. Next, CSP will follow up with its contractor to ensure the system is successfully tested and operational. This activity will enhance access to electricity to an estimated 8,700 residents whilst reducing electricity costs for both the municipality and households.

Given the profound energy challenges facing the country, CSP also continues to move forward in implementing its other solar interventions across Lebanon.

“This intervention by USAID/CSP will alleviate the financial burdens on both the municipality and households by relying on alternative energy,” said Mr. Labib el Hamra, Mayor of Hasbaiya.



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