September 14, 2022

CSP Completes Training on Water Conservation Awareness Campaign in Bqasta (South) and Talia (Beqaa)

The villages of Bqasta (South Lebanon) and Talia (Beqaa) have been experiencing severe water shortages, forcing around 11,500 residents in the former and 4,500 in the latter to purchase additional trucked in water on a weekly basis – an increasing burden amidst the ongoing economic crisis which has caused growing tensions within both communities. In response, USAID’s Community Support Program (CSP) is constructing a 300 m³ elevated water tank in each town and rehabilitating the operation rooms, including the electrical, mechanical, and chlorination systems. In parallel, to ensure the sustainability of these interventions, CSP is collaborating with the Fondation Diane CEEDD to build the municipalities’ capacities to develop and implement participatory community awareness campaigns on water conservation. CSP is also training the municipalities on social media management to improve their communication with the community on water availability and usage. On August 30, 2022, CSP completed its trainings on the implementation of water conservation awareness campaigns in both towns, which were attended by 29 representatives from the municipalities, religious organizations, and local NGOs. Both municipalities will launch their respective participatory awareness campaigns during September 2022.

“The participatory awareness plan will enable us to effectively transmit information to the community and encourage people to conserve water resources,” said Farah Al Baba, member of local NGO Baderi in Bqasta.




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