March 28, 2023

CSP Concludes Groundworks Under its Cash-for-Work Activities in North Lebanon

In response to rising local tensions resulting from the deepening financial crisis and the lack of economic opportunities, CSP has been providing underserved residents with cash-for-work (CFW) opportunities to carry out labor-intensive public works in partnership with local communities in Akkar (North Lebanon) and the Rene Moawad Foundation (RMF). Following the successful implementation of a forest cleanup fire prevention activity during the summer of 2022 in Qbaiyat, Aandqet, and Akroum, CSP expanded the intervention to cover Akkar el Aatiqa, thereby benefitting 500 socioeconomically vulnerable Lebanese residents. The workers contributed to the removal of dead trees and other flammable debris to mitigate the risk of future forest fires in the area. In parallel, CSP implemented another CFW activity in north Lebanon to support farmers in Wadi Khaled and Sahel Akkar farmers with ploughing (seedbed preparation), planting, irrigating, manuring, weeding, pruning, and harvesting, which provided temporary employment to 357 local residents and helped to increase agricultural production for around 50 farmers. By March 27, 2023, CSP and RMF had successfully completed the groundworks of both activities. These two activities have provided much-needed income for around 857 of the most vulnerable Lebanese residents, who each received around $220 over a 22-day period.

“This work has allowed me to purchase medication and food supplies for my family ahead of the holy month of Ramadan,” stated Mohammad Ahmad el Melhem, CFW beneficiary in Akkar el Aatiqa.



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