September 21, 2022

CSP Concludes HR Support to all 23 Partner Businesses, Securing 109 Internship Opportunities for Scholarship Recipients

To secure internship placements for technical and vocational scholarship recipients, the workforce development component of USAID’s Community Support (CSP) program establishes relationships with private sector businesses across Lebanon, in exchange for receiving human resource (HR) support from CSP’s technical experts. As the end of the fiscal year 2022 approaches, CSP has completed its provision of support in HR to a total of 23 partner businesses, which operate within the health care sector, IT and the food industry. The support varied according to the needs of each, and it included revamping existing internal policies and procedures, providing management training sessions, and setting up the framework for each to take on interns. Together, these businesses will provide 109 internship opportunities for scholarship recipients currently undertaking their technical and vocational courses across CSP’s partner TVET institutions.

“This support from USAID/CSP came at the right time for our hospital, as the management team is reassessing its internal processes in order to get the institution back on its feet amidst the current crisis,” stated Mr Nassib Nasr, Director of Hotel Dieu Hospital.



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