October 18, 2022

CSP Delivers, Installs, and Commissions Backup Community Generator to Enhance Access to Electricity in Khirbet El Jendi (North)

Khirbet El Jendi is a village in Akkar that is home to 2,900 Lebanese residents and 1,900 refugees. With state electricity provision down to two hours per day, the municipality relies on two generators and an electrical network to ensure household access to electricity through household subscriptions. However, one of the generators exceeded its lifespan, and amidst the economic crisis, the municipality was unable to replace it or cover its maintenance costs leading it to breakdown and cease operating. In turn, this has enhanced communal tensions over limited access to electricity. In response, USAID’s Community Support Program (CSP) completed the rehabilitation of the village’s electrical room, replaced its electrical board, and on October 2, 2022, commissioned a 450-KVA generator to ensure access to electricity to all residents, enabling the municipality to continue providing essential services reliant on electricity, such as water pumping and streetlighting. Despite the rise in fuel prices, the village will leverage diaspora funding for the supply of fuel to operate the generator. In parallel, CSP is also training the municipality on an optimized financial operation model, with revised subscription and collection rates to ensure the generator’s sustainability and operation. This activity will ensure continued power supply and service provision to Khirbet El Jendi’s 4,800 residents.

“We are thankful for this timely intervention that responds to our priority need in ensuring electricity and mitigating rising tensions, and we appreciate USAID’s support to our remote community”, said Sheikh Mohamad Jundi, Imam of Khirbet El Jendi.



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