July 18, 2023

CSP Enhances Institutional Capacities of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Partners to Ensure Sustainability of USAID Assistance

The workforce development component of USAID’s Community Support Program (CSP) is a pilot initiative that was implemented from July 2019 till May 2023; it aimed to improve the skills and employment opportunities of  Lebanese residents by enhancing access to quality Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET). To this end, CSP partnered with private TVET institutions, developed and adapted curricula based on market needs, provided scholarships to 1,055 vulnerable Lebanese residents, upgraded TVET institutes’ educational equipment, and established guidance and employment offices at their premises. Additionally, CSP partnered with private sector businesses and built linkages between them and the TVETs to facilitate graduates’ access to employment opportunities, resulting in more than 983 internship placements and full-time employment for 301 graduates. In parallel, to ensure the sustainability of this intervention,  CSP built the technical capacities of three partner TVET institutions based on their institutional needs: St. Elie and Abi Bakr Assiddiq in the north, and Foyer de la Providence in the south. Training sessions mainly focused on organizational, human resources, financial management, and social media management and were followed up by on-the-job trainings to ensure the implementation of the acquired best practices.

On June 22, 2023, CSP concluded its technical trainings to the TVETs, and by mid-July, all three TVET partners started implementing suggested policies and procedures. Abi Bakr Assiddiq implemented all the developed financial and administrative policies, resulting in the successful digitalization of their accounting process by utilizing their ‘E School’ software, originally used for academic purposes; while Foyer de la Providence established a detailed organizational structure and job descriptions, ensuring clear division of duties to enable a smooth workflow. Additionally, St. Elie established an HR department to foster a positive and productive work environment and respond to the increasing complexity of its HR operations.

“Thanks to USAID’s support, we now have a clearer vision of the role of each of our staff members. We are already sharing lessons learned with management staff of other institutes to keep enhancing the technical and vocational education sector in Lebanon,” said Elias Bitar, Director of Saint Elie Technical Institute.




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