August 1, 2022

CSP Enhances Irrigation for Local Farmers in Aachach and Surrounding Villages (North)

Aachach, Meriata, and Arde are three neighboring villages in the district of Zgharta, known for their cultivation of oranges, grapes, and summer vegetables, which represents an important source of income for much of the local population. The villages rely on a common irrigation canal constructed in the 1960s, fed by a single water source in Aachach. As a result of poorly reinforced concrete, the canal collapsed, which severely impacted farmers’ livelihoods. In response, by mid-July 2022, USAID’s Community Support Program (CSP) concluded the full rehabilitation of around 450 meters of irrigation canal feeding the three villages, as well as the construction of a semi-automated water distribution unit, complete with gates to enable equal water distribution among farmers.

Following the successful completion of the works, CSP held an interactive session with key stakeholders, including around 50 farmers, to present the intervention and offer an opportunity to clarify technicalities to beneficiaries. Overall, this intervention is enhancing the irrigation infrastructure which enables around 123 farmer households to produce their crops.

 “I have personally witnessed how the irrigation is enabling water to reach all farmers in adequate quantities, significantly improving this crucial service,” said Mr. Boulos Chalhoub, who has been put in charge of water distribution by the municipalities.



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