June 14, 2023

CSP Enhances Transparent Governance and Access to Electricity in Khirbet El Jendi

Khirbet El Jendi in Akkar, North Lebanon is home to 2,900 Lebanese residents and 1,900 refugees. With state electricity provision down to 2 hours per day, the municipality was providing household electricity to monthly subscribers by operating two generators. However, one of the generators exceeded its lifespan, and amidst the worsening economic crisis, the municipality was unable to replace it or cover its maintenance costs, leading to it break down thereby fueling communal tensions over limited access to electricity. In response, USAID’s Community Support Program (CSP) rehabilitated the village’s electrical room, replaced its electrical board, and provided a 450-KVA generator enabling the municipality to continue providing household electricity and other essential services such as water pumping and streetlighting.

Following the dissolution of Khirbet El Jendi’s municipality in October 2022, and to ensure the sustainability of this intervention,  CSP coordinated with the Governor of Akkar to establish a formal committee of four community members headed by the village mukhtar to manage and govern electricity provision through the generator. CSP then trained the committee members on the operation and maintenance of the generator, provided guidance on bookkeeping, and supported in establishing a transparent financial system. In just five months, the committee was able to document $13,000 in savings and lower monthly subscription fees by around 40%, all while ensuring continued service provision and power supply to Khirbet El Jendi’s 4,800 residents. The savings will enable the committee to secure funds for fuel and maintenance, remain environmentally compliant, and ensure the generator’s sustainability.

“We are thankful for the new transparent management of the generator. We were not aware of the newly imposed fees, but we now receive a timely, detailed bill that responds to our inquiries. Our electricity bill significantly decreased, enabling me to also help my brother pay his generator bill amidst this financial crisis”, said Samir Mahmoud, Khirbet El Jendi resident.



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