June 19, 2023

CSP Holds a Town Hall Meeting to Introduce Community Members to the Benefits of USAID-Funded Wastewater Treatment Plant in Bchaale

The town of Bchaale in North Lebanon has long been reputed for its nature and scenic hiking trails that attract eco-tourists. However, amidst the worsening economic crisis, the state has been unable to implement 270 of its planned wastewater projects, including in Bchaale. This left the town with no infrastructure to properly manage its wastewater, which endangers the environment and the public health of its 2,400 residents. In response, USAID’s Community Support Program (CSP) is constructing a new wastewater treatment plant and sewage network to treat around 300m³ of wastewater/day in the area, supplying the facility with a new electrical power generator, and establishing and equipping a specialized wastewater lab to conduct regular sample testing. To ensure the sustainability, CSP is also training relevant staff from the North Lebanon Water Establishment (NLWE) on the safe operation and maintenance of the facility and environmental compliance.

On June 10, 2023, CSP held a town hall meeting in Bchaale to introduce this intervention to the community. The town hall meeting was attended by 45 members of the municipality and community as well as staff from the Ministry of Energy and Water. With the facility expected to be completed in 2024, the purpose of the townhall meeting was highlight its benefits to the community, clarify responsibilities, and encourage residents to connect their households to the wastewater network.

“This is a very urgent and necessary project to protect the cultural and touristic legacy of Bchaale, the health of its residents, and the environment in the area”, stated Patrick El Hani, member of the Bchaale municipal council.



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