July 19, 2022

CSP Implements Labor Intensive Work (LIW) Activities to Support Vulnerable Lebanese Residents in the Beqaa

The Beqaa region is home to around 555,150 Lebanese residents, 23.7% of whom live in extreme poverty, in addition to 344,000 refugees. The region has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country and competition over low-skilled jobs remains a primary source of tension. In response, CSP is implementing a series of short-term, income-generating Labor-Intensive Work (LIW) activities in Qabb Elias, Barr Elias, Bwarej, and El Fekehe. These include minor maintenance works (cleaning, weeding, desilting, and removing bushes and debris) on 53,500m of irrigation canals which serve the plots of an estimated 1,100 farmers. In each locality, CSP selected workers according to their financial vulnerability, their family size, whether they have a dependent who is disabled or elderly, whether their households are headed by women, among other criteria for vulnerability. It is worth noting that, overall, 14 selected workers had disabilities, and around 40% were female. CSP expects to conclude the works in the coming two weeks. By providing financial support over a 22-day period to 250 Lebanese residents during this critical time, these activities – aim to reduce tensions between host communities and refugees whilst improving the livelihoods of local farmers.




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