February 15, 2023

CSP Kicks Off Installation Solar-Powered Water Pumping System in Mazraat et Teffah

Mazraat et Teffah in North Lebanon is home to around 1,940 Lebanese residents and 60 refugees. Residents rely on a single well for household water, which is operated by the North Lebanon Water Establishment (NLWE). Amidst the nationwide economic collapse and severe state electricity shortages, the NLWE has been unable to supply enough fuel to operate the well. The resulting insufficiency in access to water is causing growing tensions among residents who have resorted to purchasing trucked in water for around LBP 2,000,000/month, a sum which has become unaffordable for vulnerable families. In response, USAID’s Community Support Program (CSP) is enhancing water provision in Mazraat et Teffah by installing a photovoltaic (PV) solar farm on land made available by the municipality to power the well; CSP is also rehabilitating the chlorination room. On February 7, 2023, CSP conducted a technical kickoff meeting with the project’s key stakeholders – including representatives from the municipal council, CSP’s new contractor for construction supervision KREDO, and CSP’s selected implementation contractor RJR – to clarify roles and responsibilities and to finalize the implementation schedule. This intervention will enhance domestic water provision for 2,000 beneficiaries whilst enabling each household to save around LBP 2,000,000 per month. With yearly operation and maintenance costs of the system estimated at LBP 4,000,000, the municipality and the NLWE will also able to run and sustain this water service with their modest resources. CSP expects to complete implementation by the end by June 2023.

“This activity by USAID/CSP is providing the town with a sustainable, cost-efficient solution which will ensure the water needs of residents are met,” stated Simon Gerges, Mayor of Mazraat et Teffah Municipality.



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