July 13, 2022

CSP Launches Framework for Diaspora Support to Local Communities

Since 2019, the Lebanese diaspora has stepped up its assistance to Lebanon through direct payments to households, municipalities, and civil society organizations. Diaspora remittances – estimated at over USD 6 billion/ year – have significantly contributed to the provision of much needed medication, food items, and income to more than 250,000 Lebanese households.

Amidst Lebanon’s ongoing multifaceted socio-economic crisis, many communities are no longer able to sustain USAID investments intended to improve public services at the local level. In response, USAID’s Community Support Program (CSP) has been building the capacities of municipalities and communities to improve diaspora contribution mechanisms to benefit local communities and ensure their ability to operate and maintain upgraded public services. On July 6, 2022, 18 participants from municipalities and local organizations attended CSP’s launching event, “Enhancing the Diaspora Contribution to Improve and Sustain Public Services,” which introduced the activity and discussed the framework of improved networking mechanisms between local communities and diaspora organizations.

“This is the first initiative of its kind. Whereas we used to communicate with expats without planning, we will now work on a strategic and transparent process within a well-defined legal framework,” stated Malek Fares, Mayor of Amioun Municipality.



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