May 29, 2023

CSP Progresses on Enhancing Water Provision in Mazraat et Teffah through Solar Power

Mazraat et Teffah, an underserved community in Zgharta, North Lebanon, is home to 1,940 Lebanese residents and 60 refugees who rely on a single well operated by the North Lebanon Water Establishment (NLWE) for water provision. However, the nationwide economic crisis and severe state electricity shortages have significantly limited the NLWE’s ability to supply enough fuel to pump water from the well. While the municipality was temporarily able to step in to operate the well, it quickly ran out of funds amidst the ongoing devaluation of the national currency. To meet their water needs, residents were forced to purchase trucking water for around $50/month, a sum which has become unaffordable for vulnerable families. This is leading to increasing communal tensions around inadequate domestic water supply. In response, USAID’s Community Support Program (CSP) is enhancing water provision in Mazraat et Teffah by installing a photovoltaic (PV) solar farm to power the well on land provided by the municipality and rehabilitating the water system’s chlorination and operation room.

By May 26, 2023, CSP was in the process of rehabilitating the chlorination room and had completed onsite excavation works, including land leveling, installing panel foundations, as well as delivered and safely stored the solar panels. Going forward, CSP will install the steel structure, panels, and solar farm fence. CSP expects to complete this intervention by the end of June 2023, in time for the summer season when demand for water peaks. This activity will enhance domestic water provision to 2,000 people while eliminating monthly residential trucking water costs and reducing operation and maintenance costs.

“This is a sustainable and cost-efficient urgent solution that residents of Mazraat el Teffah are eagerly awaiting to ensure their water needs are finally met”, stated Simon Gergess, Mayor of Mazraat et Teffah.



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