May 8, 2023

CSP Promotes its Internship Program at the Annual Haigazian University Job Fair

Launched in 2020, CSP’s internship program provides students from 11 Lebanese universities the opportunity to gain professional and practical experience to start their careers and generate a temporary income to support their families during the current economic crisis. To date, 146 graduates and undergraduates have benefited from the internship program, 45 of whom have secured full-time jobs.

To promote the internship program and connect students with prospective opportunities, CSP participated in the annual job fair at Haigaizan University on April 27, 2023. Organized in coordination with Haigaizan’s Career Guidance Services, the job fair was an opportunity to introduce CSP’s internship program and internship opportunities across all USAID-funded projects in Lebanon and connect with other participant companies/organizations to potentially link CSP interns to the job market. More than 150 students visited CSP’s booth and showed interest in applying for internships, which is expected to boost the number of students and recent graduates participating in the program. Based on its successful engagement at this university job fair, CSP is planning to replicate its participation in similar events at other partner universities.

“Engaging with programs that support and empower diverse groups with dignity aligns with my values. I believe USAID carries the same values and has impacted a lot of people. I would be proud to work as an intern in one of its projects”, stated Serly Keoshgerian, a Haigazian undergraduate studying social work.



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