June 28, 2022

CSP Provides Short-Term Income Opportunities through Labor-Intensive Works by Clearing Irrigation Water Canals in the Qabb Elias and Barr Elias, Beqaa

The Beqaa region is home to around 555,150 Lebanese residents, 23.7% of whom live in extreme poverty, in addition to 344,000 refugees. The region has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country and competition over low-skilled jobs remains a primary source of tension. In response, CSP is implementing a series of short-term, income-generating Labor-Intensive Work (LIW) activities in Qabb Elias, Barr Elias, Bwarej, and El Fekehe. These include minor maintenance works (cleaning, weeding, desilting, and removing bushes and debris) on 53,500m of irrigation canals which serve the plots of an estimated 1,100 farmers. By providing financial support during a 22-day period to 250 Lebanese residents during this critical time, these activities aim to reduce tensions between host communities and refugees whilst improving the livelihoods of local farmers. During the week of June 20, 140 LIW workers kicked off the works in Qabb Elias and Barr Elias, clearing out around 8.5km of irrigation canals. Similar works are also underway in the localities of Bwarej and El Fekehe.

“My husband is bedridden and blind and it has become difficult for me to find a job. This assistance will help me buy diesel for heating before the winter season,” stated Amira Kassem el Farouk, a 53-year-old female beneficiary in Qabb Elias.

Photo: USAID/CSP LIW workers in action in Qabb Elias



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