May 2, 2023

CSP Solar Farm in Hasbaiya Enables the Municipality to Generate Substantial Savings and Expand Electricity Provision

Hasbaiya, South Lebanon, is home to around 8,000 residents and more than 700 refugees who, amidst the country’s debilitating economic crisis, have been grappling with lengthy power outages, forcing the municipality to rely on backup generators for the supply of electricity. However, with the devaluation of the national currency, their operation and maintenance has strained the municipal budget and became an increasingly unaffordable burden on local households. The consequent degradation of living conditions fueled rising intercommunal tensions over limited essential services. In response, USAID’s Community Support Program (CSP) revolutionized Hasbaiya’s backup electricity infrastructure by installing a photovoltaic solar farm (104 kilowatts), and equipping it with necessary accessories including mounting structures, electrical work, cabling, and an advanced control system to ensure safe operations. The CSP intervention is enhancing access to electricity to 8,700 residents, while reducing the financial burdens of securing backup electricity on both households and the municipality.

On April 25, 2023, the mayor of Hasbaiya reported savings of $20,000 in electricity provision since the installation of the solar farm in November 2022. The municipality is using the savings, combined with private donations from four community members, to fund the construction of an additional solar farm (96 kilowatts) to benefit new areas in Hasbaiya.

“We thank USAID for this much needed and successful solar model. The savings generated by the municipality on fuel and operation costs will now allow us to expand this solar farm and enhance electricity provision to more community members”, said Mr. Labib el Hamra, Mayor of Hasbaiya.



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