June 26, 2023

CSP Supports Three Agricultural Cooperatives Participate in a Marketing Event in Beirut 

Amidst Lebanon’s worsening socio-economic crisis, local farmers and agricultural cooperatives across the country have been struggling with rising production costs and reduced incomes, which has fueled growing communal tensions over limited income-generation opportunities. In response, USAID’s Community Support Program (CSP) has supported six agro-processing cooperatives across Lebanon[1] by providing them with equipment to expand their production and improve the livelihoods of their members and the farmers who supply them with produce. To ensure the sustainability of this USAID assistance, CSP is building the capacities of cooperative members on food safety, quality, and processing, management, and marketing. On June 17 and 18, CSP supported three of its beneficiary cooperatives (Tanbourit, Jdeidet Al Qaitaa, and Fnaideq) to participate in a local street market event called ‘Gemayze Habibet Albi’ held in Beirut. Participating in the market was a great opportunity for the rural cooperatives from Akkar and South Lebanon to expand their customer base in the country’s capital; the participants also earn around $500 to support their families ahead of the summer season.

“The market was a chance to meet new customers who enjoy our products and like to support small rural businesses. It was also an opportunity to connect with loyal customers from Beirut who we met in previous markets”, said Sanaa Omar, Head of Jdaidet Al Qaitaa cooperative.





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