November 25, 2022

CSP’s Completes Access Road to Nmairiye Wastewater Pumping Station, South Lebanon

The wastewater pumping station in Nmairye, South Lebanon, was constructed in 2012 to carry wastewater from the communities of Deir Ez Zahrani, Habbouch, and Kfar Roummane to the treatment plant in El Charqiye, thereby serving an estimated 50,700 residents. The pumping station, however, remained inaccessible for SLWE staff to properly operate and maintain the facility, which caused it to fall in disrepair and caused a number of health and environmental hazards in the area from uncontrolled discharge of untreated wastewater. In response, under its wastewater management component, USAID’s Community Support Program (CSP) is rehabilitating the wastewater pumping station in Nmairiye, while constructing a 410-meter access road to the facilitate operators’ access to the facility. As of the week of November 14, 2022, the major works on the access road – including the related curbs, retaining walls and safety barriers, and a box culvert which is enabling cars and trucks to cross over a perennial stream – were completed and the pumping station could be safely accessed for the remaining rehabilitation works to be carried out. CSP expects to complete this intervention by January 2023.

“These projects showcase USAID/CSP’s valuable contributions to the welfare of residents in South Lebanon. We are looking forward to a fruitful and successful collaboration to mitigate water pollution and the health risks associated with it,” stated Dr Wasim Daher, Director General of SLWE.



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