July 15, 2022

Early BT3 Results: Three Scholarship Recipients Excel in Their Exams

On June 20 and 21, 2022, 37 scholarship recipients from CSP’s partner TVET, Foyer de la Providence (FDP), undertook their official exams in their chosen subjects. On July 8, FDP’s director shared some early results with CSP, stating that three scholarship recipients excelled in their exams, receiving some of the highest grades in the country. Indeed, two scholars studying Accounting and IT were awarded 18.05/20 and 19.05/20, while another was awarded 16.4/20 in his electrotechnical degree. Meanwhile, other results were still being processed and are expected to be finalized during the week of July 12.

Since 2019, the workforce development component of USAID’s CSP has improved six curricula at private TVET institutions, provided scholarships to 741 individuals seeking technical and vocational education in sectors with growth potential, placed 345 of them in internships, and facilitated full-time employment of 45 graduates so far. The scholarship covers students’ tuition, medical insurance, and provides them with a monthly stipend for the duration of their course and internship, as well as a tablet/laptop to facilitate their learning.

“The scholarship has provided opportunities to students from the region to pursue their knowledge in a professional way and open new doors for their careers and futures,” said Father Hanna Kannan, Director of Foyer de la Providence Technical Institute.




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