May 27, 2024

The USAID-funded Community Support Program Enables Consistent Domestic Power Supply to 6,500 Residents in Khirbet Daoud

Khirbet Daoud is a village in northern Akkar that is home to around 1,500 Lebanese residents and 5,000 Syrian refugees. The sustained presence of a large refugee population significantly depleted the already weak infrastructure and quadrupled the demand for electric power.

Given the nationwide economic crisis and the unreliable electricity distribution network, the municipality could not sustainably meet residents’ essential needs, which fueled communal tensions over basic resources, specifically equitable access to electricity. In response, USAID’s Community Support Program (CSP), in collaboration with Electricity du Liban (EDL), replaced the municipality’s existing 250 KVA transformer with a larger 630 KVA and constructed a fully equipped transformer room. To further sustain this intervention, CSP implemented targeted campaigns to raise community awareness on reduced electricity consumption. CSP also provided the municipality with an automated financial management system and trained municipal staff on accounting principles, municipal fee collection procedures, and the development of municipal budgets and annual financial statements, to ensure that the newly established municipality had adequate financial resources to sustain its electrical transmission network and other public services.

Operational since April 2024, this intervention has successfully eliminated electrical malfunctions and ensured consistent electricity supply for Khirbet Daoud’s residents.

“Finally, one of our main challenges in this village has been resolved. Since residents have had access to consistent power supply, clashes among each other significantly decreased,” said Saad el Dine, Mayor of Khirbet Daoud.



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