July 8, 2024

The USAID-Funded Community Support Program’s Internship Program Enables Career Opportunities to 265 Students and Graduates

Launched in 2020, CSP’s internship program, in collaboration with the USAID-funded Higher Education Scholarships (HES) and Higher Education Capacity Development Program (HECD), provides students from 11 Lebanese universities the opportunity to gain professional and practical experience by placing them in internships across 12 USAID-funded projects.

Elie Zgheib, an Accounting and Auditing graduate from La Sagesse University, completed a six-month internship in CSP’s finance department, enabling him to gain essential technical skills that led to a full-time position as a Program Assistant with the USAID-funded Agriculture & Rural Empowerment Project (ARE). Following his one-year contract at ARE, and in June 2024, Elie secured a fulltime job as a Program Coordinator with the USAID-funded Higher Education Scholarship Program (HES) at the American University of Beirut (AUB). Elie is among 265 students and graduates placed in internships through CSP, 211 of whom have completed their internships. As of June 2024, half of those who completed their internships found jobs, 60% of whom are females.

 “The internship program at CSP opened many paths for me, paving the way for significant career development milestones. From my initial role at ARE to my recent appointment at AUB, I am profoundly grateful for the invaluable experiences and opportunities provided to me in the development field,” said Elie, Program Coordinator, HES-AUB.



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