December 11, 2023

USAID Enhances Safe, Potable Water Provision by 9000 Liters per Day for 5450 Residents in Jinsnaya and El Qariye (South Lebanon)

Jinsnaya, a town in South Lebanon, is home to 1250 residents, the majority of whom returned from Lebanon’s urban centers to settle down permanently in the village amidst the country’s socio-economic crisis. The village water network, which was designed for a much smaller population of around 500 people, needed an upgrade to meet the demands of the recent influx of newcomers. While residents used to rely on another water source from the neighboring town of El Qariye, its capacity is limited and unable to meet household water demands in both towns, fueling intercommunal tensions over water provision.

In response, USAID’s Community Support Program (CSP) constructed a 300-cubic-meter elevated water tank, which became operational in February 2023, to provide Jinsnaya’s residents, and up to 4200 residents in El Qariye, with a sustainable and equitable source of water. USAID CSP also installed electro-mechanical and chlorination systems to ensure safe water and high-standard operations. To ensure the sustainability of this intervention, CSP trained two South Lebanon Water Establishment (SLWE) staff and a local worker on the safe operation and maintenance of the new chlorination system.  USAID through CSP also provided the new facility with fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and appropriate personal safety equipment. CSP also supported the community to establish a water distribution schedule and to implement a social media awareness campaign on water conservation.

The new USAID-funded  elevated water tank has increased water supply by around 9 m3 per day (9000 liters), notably enhancing water access to 5450 residents in Jinsnaya and Qariye, all while alleviating the economic burden on households who had to previously purchase trucked water for $30 monthly – compared to an average household income of $120. The SLWE also reported monthly savings of $2000 on back-up generator fuel costs due to the large capacity of the new tank, and the decreased frequency of water pumping needs.

“Thanks to this essential support provided by USAID, we now have a daily supply of clean potable water, compared to previously accessing water only one day a week. This has relieved us from the daily struggles of water shortage, making a real difference in our lives,” said Solange Aoun, Jinsnaya resident.



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