February 5, 2024

USAID Helps Qab Elias Municipality (Bekaa) Provide Needed Street Lighting for 85,000 Residents

Qabb Elias (Beqaa) population consists of 50,000 Lebanese residents and 35,000 Syrian refugees, making it the largest refugee population in the area. State-electricity provision of up to two hours per day, the high prices of diesel fuel, and the devaluated municipal budgets prevented the municipality from continuing to power streetlights through back-up generators.  The majority of Qabb Elias neighborhoods were thus left in complete night darkness which lead to increased robberies and insecurity.

In July 2023, USAID’s Community Support Program (CSP) assisted Qab Elias municipality to provide needed street lighting public service by installing 187 solar streetlights across the village neighborhoods.  On January 29, 2024, CSP trained three municipal workers on the safe operation and maintenance of the solar streetlights and on best environmental practices for disposing of solar panels and batteries at the end of their operational life.  USAID assistance to Qab Elias benefited 85,000 residents and significantly reduced municipal energy costs.

“The new streetlight system’s efficiency and durability were demonstrated during the recent snowstorm, where the solar fixtures remained operational in very challenging winter conditions”, said Jihad Moualim, Mayor of Qabb Elias.



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