June 24, 2024

USAID’s Community Support Program Provides Temporary Job Opportunities to 135 People with Disabilities in Lebanon, 28 of Whom Transitioned into Full-Time Employment

The ongoing economic crisis in Lebanon plunged 80% of residents into poverty, and led to widespread unemployment. People with disabilities are considered among the most disadvantaged, with their unemployment rate estimated at 85% by the United Nations in 2020. Their unemployment rate in Lebanon is estimated at 97.5%.

In October 2023, CSP, in partnership with local NGO Arcenciel, launched an activity which aimed at providing 135 people with disabilities across Lebanon with temporary work opportunities. The activity provided beneficiaries with three months of employment at private sector businesses and Arcenciel centers with a daily wage of $22. To contribute to the sustainability of the activity, CSP also supported Arcenciel in developing a job placement policy for people with disabilities at private sector firms.

CSP also facilitated a training of trainers’ program for relevant Arcenciel employees on job readiness and skill development. By June 2024, all 135 people have been placed in temporary jobs, 28 of whom were transitioned to full-time jobs (21% of total, compared to a national employment rate of 2.5%). Marielle EL-Sokhn, a 26-year-old who was born with a physical and visual disability, is a business graduate who completed her temporary job at Arcenciel through CSP. Her dedication and professionalism have earned her a permanent job as administrative assistant at Arcenciel’s Environment Department in Jesr El Basha.

“Marielle is a highly dedicated person who is fully committed to her job. We can always count on her to excel at any given task”, said Lama Nehme, Marielle’s line manager at Arcenciel.



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