October 1, 2020

USAID – CSP Beirut Emergency Response — Sarah & Rita

When Sarah Jabbour and Rita Abou Nassif found out about USAID’s initiative to remove rubble from the streets of Beirut following the blast, they joined immediately. It was the ideal opportunity to help impacted communities while also generating a decent income, which has grown to be a challenge amidst the country’s deepening economic crisis. Sarah and Rita were among 250 residents that were hired as temporary workers as part of USAID – US Agency for International Development’s response to deliver immediate assistance under the USAID-funded Community Support Program Residents were provided with the needed training and equipment to safely remove and either dispose of or recycle glass, rubble, and other wreckage in the most heavily impacted neighborhoods of east Beirut. Thanks to this initiative, Rita and Sarah can help pay their university tuition fees while also contributing to the revival of the capital, Beirut.



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