August 3, 2021

USAID Increases Sales of COOP in Fnaideq Through a Moving Kiosk

Fadwa Zahraman from Fnaideq is a woman who learned to defy challenges early on and became a role model for women in her community. Thanks to her determination and her belief in the potential of women, Fadwa now runs an agricultural cooperative that employs as many as 30 local workers at a time, including seven women. However, Fadwa wanted to draw visitors to Fnaideq and the Co-Op, which was not possible due to limited resources. USAID – US Agency for International Development, through the Community Support Program – CSP in Lebanon, provided a kiosk that can be hitched to a vehicle and parked at various trailheads and a local fairground to feed hikers. Through CSP’s assistance, the Co-Op was able to increase its production of food preserves such as fruit jams and butters and even upped its marketing approach.



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